Co-Action 科亞企業


  • Finding the most suitable materials
    Co-Action has been a dealership for all kinds of engineering plastic material for over 25 years.
    We aim to find the best fit material for our customer.
  • Enhance values for materials
    Finding best quality additives, enhancing additional value for our products.
  • kenburns6
    Bacteria & virus control
    Co-Action has been developing topmost concentration of Nano sliver antimicrobial solution,
    with benefits of cost and value, reliable substances dispersion (can be stored over 2 years), and uncomplicated export process to claim custom clearance.
  • The best solution for your material outsourcing is at Co-Action
    Co-Action has material experts to find the most suitable ones for you, and customize for all special request just for our valuable customers.

About Us

Co-Action Corporation, established in 1990, a trade company of engineering plastic located in Tao Yuan City ,Taiwan.
The founder Mr. Chu was graduated from The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and worked as a Factory Director of textile factory, specializes in major every kind of material, production technologies, and mechanical equipment. It’s become the gene of Co-Action. Our company is not only trader, but also project solution providers of our client & vendor.
Also, Co-Action never stop developing advanced materials and new applications, hoping we can provide new choice to help our client become better.

Since 1990

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business Philosophy
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Mission & Vision
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Management & Policy
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